Clear freely show China Confidence (People’s Forum)

  In daily life, seconds are very short, but the hundred meters of track is significant.

The 32nd Olympics track and field men’s 100m stadium, the short running name ran out of 9 seconds 83, and the Asian record was increased. At the closing ceremony, Su Bingti stepped into the venue as the flag of China Sports delegation, stretches the confident style of China’s Olympic athletes with embarrassment. In the 17-day Olympic Games, China Sports delegation won the world with excellent results, and there was a self-confident self-confidence. From the 14-year-old diving teenager, the whole redness created three jumps, and went to Wu Jingxi to fight again. From Wang Shun, won the championship and won the end of the pool, and went to Xiao Ruo Xu, congratulations to the opponent. … Inside and outside the game, Chinese athletes Write a vivid foot to the Olympic spirit and the Chinese Sports Spirit with a struggled character, sincere attitude, friendly image. The big country is big, not just the size of the body, the block is large, and it is more in the chest and the pattern.

China Sports delegation took the best results of the overseas Olympic Games at this time, in 10 projects, to achieve medals in the fields of track and field, rowing, etc., this heavy transcript is enough to let all Chinese people pride. At the same time, the contestants are soberly realized that competitive sports must have a winner, and the winning and negative is not all of the competitive sports. I haven’t been able to win the card, breaking through myself is a victory; I have not been able to get out, I found that the short board is also a kind of gain; the master’s depends, the exchange after the game is also an improvement.

Ideal, struggle, optimistic, friendship, openness, peace … In the Olympic spiritual corridor, China Olympic athletes enjoy the competition, tempering quality, truly achieving sports achievements and spiritual civilization double harvest, showing China’s confidence.

  This self-confidence is from the steady pace of sports in China.

Retrosing history, from 1908, "Tianjin Youth" issued "Olympics three questions", to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, a hundred years of dream circles, one generation of Chinese people dream of developing sports, continue to struggle.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China Level, vigorously develop ice and snow sports, and the sports industry has achieved long-term development. In this context, the level of competitive sports is steadily improved, which has strongly promoted my country from sports big country to sports.

The Olympics became a wonderful bright phase of high quality development in China. This self-confidence, from the continuous improvement of China’s comprehensive national strength.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Sports is an important indicator of social development and human progress. It is an important manifestation of comprehensive national strength and social civilization. Every breakthrough in the game, every progress, all insepaplely inseparable from the coordination of the command system, logistics The support of the team and other squares. It can be said that the top of the country is concerned and supported, which is the bottom gas of sports and health. 89 years ago, the short running name Liu Changchun bloated the sea, became the first Chinese athlete in the Olympic Games.

Today, the same 100m tracks, witnessed the rise of China’s sports and witnessed the confidence of China in the new era. In the future, in the road to building sports strong country, calm Chinese athletes will win the money in more competitions, continue to write new glory; in the journey of the great revival of the Chinese nation, the Chinese people who are confident Can be able to use wind and waves in the Times torrent, create a bigger miracle.

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