Double eleven receiving peak multi-site express checkout positive "手 party" Don’t panic!

In the survey, please wait.If there is no response for a long time, please refresh this page China New Network client Beijing November 17 (Reporter Zhang Ni) recently, Beijing, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia and many other provinces have notified the courier and positive cases, which triggered.It is currently the peak period of Double Eleven Express delivery, whether the express will cause virus spread?What is the correct posture of the delivery?Data map: The staff killed the express delivery.

Zhongxin News Reporter Zhang Xinglong has been discovered by the courier out-of-packaging test. The news release of Zhongguancun Street in Haidian District, Beijing said that Zhongguancun Street received a report from Haidian CDC in November 15th, and the resident of Zhiyuan Community is in Inner Mongolia. The results of the package test results from the express items issued by the autonomous region are positive.

  The detection of a positive express item is a sweater from the Xilin Gol League of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The reporter noted that recently, in addition to Beijing, there have been many provinces such as Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, and other provinces in Inner Mongolia.

  For example, in recent days, there are positive detection of express new crown virus nucleic acids received by Liaoning. Liaoning Fuxin City Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters reminded the public to temporarily sell (mail order) products from overseas or domestic high-risk areas.

  In addition, in Inner Mongolia, November 7, Xilui Division, Xinaville Walking Street, Zhaoya National Clothing Store, was reported from Mongolia, purchased 4 batches from Mongolia. During the detection of the Disease Control Center, the nucleic acid detection of direct contact personnel was negative, and some of the goods nucleic acid screening were positive. On November 9, Zhenglai Xinguan’s French Prevention and Control Work Headquartedly found that the resident of the Zhaoyan National Clothing Store was found that the resident of the city passed SF Express on October 26th. Mongolian nucleic acid detection is positive, direct contact personnel nucleic acid detection is negative. Data Map China’s reporter Zhang Xinglong photo courier will spread virus? Experts: The three conditions are required to meet the peak period of Double Eleven Express.

Does the express parcel spread virus? This is what the public is most concerned about. At the recently held State Council’s joint-defense mechanism, the Chief Experts of China’s CDC disinfection have made a response. He emphasized that express delivery of new crown viruses should be met at the same time: First, in the process of collecting express delivery, it is polluted by new crown viruses; second, when receiving express, the new crown virus above the express item is also survive; Third, when receiving express, it is contaminated by new crown viruses. In addition, experts also remind the public to the public: China high-risk areas do not send and receive express delivery, the courier should do health monitoring; the express delivery process should be protected, simultaneous disinfection; to make a good protection, express packaging Don’t bring home; do your hand hygiene work after processing express delivery.

  At the same time, it has strengthened the logistics and murderous work. The recent relevant departments have also strengthened the murd of cargo transportation. For example, the railway department has now strictly enforces the "receiving inspection, real name registration, and automatic security" safety guarantee requirements. Ordinary goods use high-speed rail container, special packaging boxes, etc.

  In addition, after the transportation is completed, the railway department is also strictly disinfected according to the requirements of the trains.

The goods delivered to the railway express delivery class, strengthen the whole process of goods purchase acceptance, security check, supervision, and epidemic prevention and monitoring, ensuring goods and environmental safety.

  Recently, the "New Corporation of Takeway Distribution and Express Pioneers" issued by China CDC has clearly suggested that take-out distribution and express delivery practitioners should promptly understand the outalian distribution or the restriction of the exquisite risk level responsible for send and receive expressions.

  "Guide" also emphasizes that in business delivery, distribution links, to do clean and disinfection of take-out and express delivery tools. In the process of signing a takeaway or express delivery, wearing a mask, glove, reducing direct contact, at least more than 1 meter social distance when tinging. Adopting non-contact methods distribution and delivery express delivery. In addition, many express delivery companies have also strengthened the epidemic prevention, including trying to do contact with delivery, killing the arrival of the trunk vehicle, express items, required employees to measure body temperature daily and record, register health treasure, check Itinerary, and so on. Data Map: The staff puts the courier package into the partial transmission belt. What is the correct posture of Zhongxin agency reporter Chen Wei? Domestic epidemic is repeated, and the peak of the logistics is coming. In the near future, the people have reminded the people to "buy buy" while also "defense".

  Beijing CDC issued a reminder during the transceiver, and during the prevention and control, the Beijing Delivery and Control is not required to purchase goods from overseas high-risk areas.

  Tianjin City Prevention and Control Command also suggests to reduce the risk of infection, guarantee "express safety", prevent the epidemic from spread through express parcel pathway, the public should improve the safety awareness of epidemic prevention, accept, take, and send safety protection. So, what should I pay attention to when the public is online online shopping items? All local disease control departments have given some detailed recommendations: – Timely payment of the epidemic dynamics in time, understand the extent of the epidemic risk in the place where the product is located; – Wear mask when sending and receiving express, try to reduce contact communication; – Express to put to fixed to fixed Sites have no contact handover. If you need a delivery of the delivery, you should keep a distance from the delivery person in one meter; In the room, it is necessary to use the sterling wipes to wipe disinfection or spray disinfection when it is necessary. Textiles such as laundry that cannot be disinfected can be washed and then used. (over).

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