Hefei Yaohai District centralized signing 24 projects total investment of 24.687 billion yuan

People’s Network Hefei July 16 (Zhao Yue) On July 16 Net (Hefei) Digital Economic Innovation Service Summit is held in Hefei.

It is reported that the focus of the focus of the focus of the investigation project has a total of 24 total investment, including China Railway Wisdom New Town Headquarters, Yu Cheng Industrial Park, Zhongnan Gaoke Hefei Zhigu Innovation Industrial Park and other high-quality or higher projects will fall Yao Yao Sea, a number of heavyweight enterprises including A-share listed enterprises, see the planning, policies, space, etc. in the transformation of the old Yaohai Old Industrial Zone, join the new generation of information technology, cultural creativity, and health and other industries in Yaohai District. Chain construction. The relevant person in charge of the Yaohai District Government said that the success of investment activities is the important action of the "extension chain, completion chain, strong chain" in the Yaohai District, will further promote the high-quality development of Yaohai and the eastern part of Hefei. The central construction plays an extremely important promotion. In addition, the pig eight ring network Anhui operation headquarters demonstration park is officially opened, settled in Hefei Yaohai District IoT Technology Industrial Park, the park will revolve around the "1 + 1 + 4" system (ie a line industry gathering platform, a line industry aggregation demonstration Park, four enterprise service systems), supplementary talents, industries, management, technology and other production factors in the industrial transformation and upgrading of Yaohai District, help Yaohai to build business environment and industrial development services that are conducive to the development of "four new economic" system. In recent years, Yaohai District has grabbed the relocation and renovation of the national industrial area, and the construction of Hefei East, Hefei integrates into the long triangle integrated strategic opportunity, establishing a new generation of information technology industries, financial commerce service, construction industry, cultural creative industries, large The five major leading industries such as the health industry. At the same time, the focus of the field network leads lead, to create a "China Web Valley" strategic brand, speed up the collection of new generation information technology industry projects, promote the construction of "Digital Yaohai, Wisdom New City". (Editor: Wu Siwu, Guo Yu).

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