Shanxi’s first release of ancient architectural digital collections

On May 19, the Provincial Department of Cultural Traveler launched the "Ancient Construction Painting Theory" public welfare digital cultural and creative collection plan, and issued 5 models of 5,000 ancient Shanxi ancient building digital collections for free limits to the society. Users can not only experience the beauty of ancient construction in Shanxi online, but also can permanently collect ancient buildings in the cloud based on blockchain technology. This move received the enthusiastic support of the majority of netizens. In less than 30 minutes, these digital collections were all received.

Digital collections are represented by the national treasure -level non -mobile cultural relics, Feihong Tower, Yongle Palace, Jin Temple, and Pingyao Ancient City, and create a series of ancient cultural digital collections in the form of art.

Through the combination of ancient building and digital technology, more young people understand the Chinese cultural stories hidden behind the ancient building. Among them, the digital collection of Foguang Temple was from Mr. Liang Sicheng’s architectural manuscript. Mr. Liang Sicheng led the team to Wutai Mountain, Shanxi to find the Buddha Guang Temple in the early 1930s, and recorded it in the form of hand -painted. (Reporter Zhang Ting) (Responsible editors: Ma Yan, Zhang Linshan) Share more people see recommended reading.

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