Chengdu Shuangliulongchi Community: The butterfly changed from the Sanyuan to the Beautiful New Village

The Longchi community has gradually realized the new weather of Jingmei, people and harmony through scattered courtyard rectification.

Li Xiang for the Xiong Taiming family is a typical gray brick and black tile courtyard. A citrus branch is leafy and quietly guarding the family’s clothing and food.

The trees and flowers outside the house have bloomed, making this yard a beautiful scenery in this area.

Seeing the envious eyes of the passers -by, Xiong Taiming’s heart was happy.

Last year, as the community implemented a scattered courtyard rectification of the Liu family courtyard where his family was located, the infrastructure such as roads and ditches was systematically transformed, so that the entire area of ??the entire area was replaced. necessary.

"I finally made up my mind to repair the old house as an old -age place.

"In order to match the overall image of the house and the area, he not only hardening the old house in the old house, laid stone, refurbish the wall, but also built a fence and added courtyard door to make it just a humble brick housing. Now everyone’s "small villa".

"In the past, the dolls felt that as long as they kept the house, I was not ready to live here anyway. Now I don’t think so.

"After leaving his hometown for a long time, he moved back to the old house to support the heavenly year:" Golden nest and silver nest, it is not as good as his old nest.

Now that the house is repaired, I will never move anymore. "The environment becomes a good increasing increasing doorway, and the sun is filled with the entire yard. At this time, the fragrance of the meal drifted into his home, Xiong Taiming could not help but look at the watch:" It’s 12 o’clock, and I’m too lazy to cook food. It ’s time to stir -fry the two dishes. "The restaurant in Xiong Taiming’s mouth is his neighbor Zhu Rongrong’s small restaurant.

When he arrived, the huge courtyard dam was nowhere. Zhu Rongrong’s family is busy in front of the stove. "Today, there are at least seven or eight tables.

"Zhu Rong and his lover have worked in foreign workers all year round. Now, they have changed their careers across the border and made their own houses. Speaking of the changes behind this, she attributed all the credit to the new opportunities brought by the scattered courtyard. Zhu Rongrong Said, because there are old and small, they have long wanted to do a small business at home. I also tried it a few years ago, but the helpless environment was too bad to attract guests. They had to give up. After learning that the environment of the hometown changed dramatically, he did not hesitate to go home to open this small restaurant and operate home -cooked dishes, and the business soon became better.

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