Her blue blue is not lost,Why do she have this??

Her blue blue,I am very sensible from my little.,Very intimate,If it is not to make up for the sorry regret,She will not impulsive to lead the peace ofher。
She is not for marriage,When I went to the orphanage,Seeing Gu Anan and the blue blue grows a bit,Under impulsive,Just bring this child back.。
NS92chapter:I will not say this in the future.

NS92chapter:I will not say this in the future.
Gu Anan,Bite the lower lips,A pair looks like Lu Haozheng,She asked the courage:“Haojia brother,Because I am a nursery,Can you not marry me??”She today,I http://www.afhymat.cn have to have an answer,Otherwise she is not willing。
Lu Haocheng is cold,Solita,It seems to be proud and not:“Not because you are,Not because you are adopting or other,do not like,just do not like it,Feelings,Cannot force!”
Lu Hao became some of them later,I would rather put down my usually,Say more words。
Lin Deman is deeply exhaled,Language:“Hao Jun,Auntie understands what you mean,However, there is something that is in your company.,You still think about it,Your company talent Jiji,More challenging,Strong competitive place,Talents will be more。”
“mom!”Gu An An Yi wants to cry.,How can I calculate this??
She is lovelite,In addition to Lu Hao,Who is not married。
Lin Dami did not see her,Haojia’s temper, she knows,If he is not willing,It is not willing to die.。
Lu Haocheng did not speak,Woman like Gu Anan,Never attain oneself,He doesn’t want such a woman http://www.bellivip.cn to mix his company a mess.。
“Gu Boyu,I will take a step first.。”He should say it has finished。
He gets up,Sunshine from the window,Shrouded in his body,Let the long figure, if they are plated with a layer of dazzling light。
Gu Anan looked at,Obsessed,This man,It is the prince of the Numerious Girl’s Heart.,It is also the prince of the white horse in her heart.。
It is a dream that is not sweet.,But he doesn’t like her.。
In her eyes,He is the most starry star in her heart.。
Until I can’t see Lu Hao’s back,Gu An’an received his attention,Tears look at Lin Demon,Pray:“mother,We don’t force the Hao brother too tight,Mom rest assured,I will enter the Lu Group with their own strength.,I must be with my own strength.,Get Hoheng’s recognition。”
Lin Dami is a facelessness,Laughing at her smile:“Anan,Mom knows you like Hao Cheng,Can be hung in a child,You are http://www.lygshaiwang.cn trying again,If you can’t succeed,Give up,Mom will help you find a good person。”
Gu Anan, crying and shaking his head,Pear flower with rain,delicate and charming,She smiled confidently:“mother,I won’t give up Haojiao brother,As long as I work harder,Haojia brother will love me.。
When it is the blue,I don’t know if I can drive her away.,Look at her face fox,Know,She is in seduce Hao Ji brother。”
Woman’s intuition,Born sensitive。
She can feel,Lu Haocheng is a shade to the Blue Xin。
Maybe really should have a word.,It’s best to get it.。
She is thinking about her day.,Not as good as here,Hoheng brother。
The land man listened to her.,There are a little unhappy in my heart.。
She said that she said:“Anan,Want to get Hao Cheng’s recognition,Just come up with your own strength,Mr. Hao Jun looks at you,Drive away in this way?
People you are driving away,But Hao Jun is still in her heart.,Mom doesn’t like this means,Don’t say this again later。”
NS93chapter:Our blue blue is always the best

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