Continue to come to the fuel, happiness road is wider (first-line exploration)

  After the core reading of the povertell, Sichuan focuses on the advantage of the industry, continuously broadening the income channel; consolidating the "two unfair three guarantees" results, let the people’s good days are more solid; improve rural infrastructure, further enhance the national production and living standards of the folies .

Take measures, continue to struggle, Sichuan fully promote the revitalization of rural villages. "The 125-square-meter new house is the construction of easy relocation policies. It has spent 10,000 yuan." Group villagers can be confident in the future. Live in a good house, you have to live a good day.

Dalgate Township is planned to plant 700 acres of winter peaches in order to drive the masses to continue to increase. The hard work is still busy with busy, please have more than 20 helpers, 4 and a half, more than 20 acres of winter peach seedlings.

This year, there is blossom, some sitting fruit. "I believe that you can rely on your own hands and get better and better." Insurance, Mo, said.

  On November 17 last year, the Sichuan Provincial Government issued a notice to approve the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Pug County, Buling County, Jinyang County, Zhaojun County, Xide County, Yuexi County, and Mei Gu County to withdraw from the poverty county sequence.

At this point, after 8 years of aging, the 88 poor counties in Sichuan, all of the 11501 poor villages, and the 6.25 million settlement of the Poverty Poverty Poverty.

  "As one of the national depletion of poverty, the party’s 18th National Congress, we have always won the poverty of poverty as people’s livelihood projects, development opportunities, adhere to the target standards, implement the prefilmous parties, and the Focus", it is over again. A poverty, poor, strong.

"The main leaders of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee said that the poverty poverty is not the end, but the new life, the starting point of the new struggle, to continue to struggle, realize the consolidation and expansion of the poverty achievements with the village revitalization. From the basic temperature, there is a good time, and there is a good time. Just got off the rain, Danqu County, Zhangchang Town, Liao Shi Village, is fresh, green hills. The clean and neat village road two side flowers and grass masks, tea trees, plum trees, orange trees.

  Not far from the village, it is a flower nursery culture base. "This base is established by our village collective development model, mainly to undertake the construction of the village and the surrounding villages, the township supply and road green planting construction." Liu Bin, deputy secretary of the party general branch of Liao Shi Village, introduced to reporters, now The village has created a green landscape. Next, the next step will be developed in the village, build a market acquisition, sightseeing farming experience garden, walking farm brigade, further increasing the value of industrial added value, activating the village of the country. The busy He Kunlan, who is being in the base is a depleted household.

After participating in the green planting training of the whole village organization, she today is not only a worker of the nursery base, but also one of the shareholders of the village collective company. "The salary is 80 yuan a day. At the end of the year, I can participate in the company dividends. This day is, the more you have to run." He Kunlan said. In 2020, the per capita net income of poor families in Sichuan Province reached 9480 yuan. It is the time in 2013, and it is not worried. Life moves.

  During the "Thirteen Fiveth ‘, the province realized thousands of people who poverty alleviation and relocation, completing the rural dilapidated house to renovate 10,000 households, let the universities accommodate the electric air, safe and open" safe room ".

The dream of the people’s live music industry is finally true. "Deputy Secretary-General of the Sichuan Provincial Government, the Party Secretary of the Provincial Poverty Alleviation and Development Bureau said that the province has basically constructed the three-level medical and health service system of counties, townships and villages, and there are health parks in the township, villages with a health room. This year is 5 years old The sound of the sound is crisp, which is surrounded by the mother who is preparing for dinner. The word is round to show her new ordinary song. Two years ago, when entering the Yongle Village Kindergarten, Mushan, Mushan, Music, Yongle Village, Yongle Village It will not speak Mandarin.

  Sichuan launched a pilot pilot of "Mandarin, Mandarin, Mandarin, Let children in the ethnic areas do not lose on the starting line. The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Education said we have focused on improving the conditions for running school in poverty-stricken areas, fully implementing 15 years of free education in ethnic areas, "9 + 3" free vocational education.

Education and poverty alleviation and expansion of the school building 313,300 square meters, opened 4,888 young teaching points in a village, "School Society Mandarin" action pilot will benefit former children. From the mountain barrier to the inner extensive short board to supplement the Hanyuan County Yongli Town Ancient Road Village is located on the cliff of the Grand Canyon of Dadu River, isolated from the world. In 2003, the villagers did a "Z" shaped mountain road that was about 5 kilometers long and a "Z" shaped mountain road having more than 600 meters, and opened the links with the outside world.

  In 2016, the local government has invested more than 20 million yuan and began to build a ropeway that integrates the transportation and tourism tourism. The 47-year-old villager Li Xuemin has been transporting business on the mountain road.

After the construction of the Was Road in 2018, he brought a lot of money from the transportation of living goods to the villagers to transport their baggage, providing special tourism services, and the income has doubled. The infrastructure in the village is getting more and more complete, and the tourist reception is more standardized.

The villager Shenhua is the first to start farmhouse in Gu Road Village. This year, Qingming small holiday, his family has earned more than 10,000 yuan in the farm business.

He also called back to the son of the outside to help, acquire the specialty products in the village, and sell it online.

Gum Road Village has a road to Fu Road, and locally relying on the characteristics of the mountains and seizes the opportunity of tourism development.

In 2018, after the cableway opened, Gu Road Village also achieved poverty. In 2020, there were more than 30,000 tourists to receive tourists and more than 800,000 yuan in tourism.

  "It’s hard to get it, it is difficult to go on the sky.

"Sichuan has been trapped by transportation, and now it has changed due to traffic.

In the Qinba Mountain, Wulmon Mountain, the size of the Liangshan District, the Highland Tibetan area, the traffic is the largest short board. To be rich, first repair. Sichuan vigorously develop traffic poverty alleviation, the province has added 16 poor counties. 77 holly and changed bridges, 190,000 kilometers, newly rebuilt rural road, add 346 townships and 10,000 build villages to harden the road, realize the "Township Township Oil Road, Village Tongmu Road".

At present, the total mileage of Sichuan Rural Highway has reached 10,000 kilometers. "The strips are rich, helping the poor areas to achieve inner lingering, so that the production and living conditions of the poor are significantly improved, the material foundation of rural residence is further consolidated." Tang Yi, deputy director of the Provincial Poverty Alleviation Development, said that Sichuan also built A large batch of energy, water conservancy, communication and other infrastructure projects, rural power supply reliability reachable, drinking water safety, fiber optic, 4G network basically fully covered.

  From the lack of industrial lack, it quickly got up. Can earn 10,000 yuan. "Take the annual income, Tongjia Town Tianxingzhai Village offensive Yang Qiying smiled. In Dazhu County, there are still many towns and villages that rely on poverty alleviation industries in Tongjia Town. In order to consolidate expand the effectiveness of the poverty, improve the ability of follow-up development, and the county has continuously optimize the agricultural industrial structure, cultivate the new operating main body, and introduce agricultural leading enterprises, and continue to combine with breeding, and promote the development of the characteristic industry in short growth models. The county has also passed the "cooperative + base + farmers (poor households)" and other means to establish a profit joint mechanism, and ensure that all of the establishment of a poverty-stricken household can continue to stabilize income after poverty alleviation. In 2020, the cultivation area such as ramie, glutinous rice, camphor, white tea, Chinese herbal medicines and special fruits and vegetables in Dazhu County. 335 households, poverty alleviation, relocation households, to achieve the benefits of 10,000 yuan. 319 households, electronic, minibus, etc. Dazhu County also strives to match the funds of agricultural projects, support the construction of infrastructure; the development chain of extension industries, innovation, and broaden the income channels. Since this year, the county has passed e-commerce, WeChat public account, helping e-commerce sales of nearly 300,000 single, high quality citrus 1.5 million kg, selling all kinds of agricultural products to achieve nearly 100 million yuan.

  It is necessary to sell it, but also sell well.

Sichuan established a sales system of poverty alleviation products, and founded the "Sichuan Poverty Alleviation" public welfare brand, so that many parts of the province have become "net red" products. Last year, the results of "Golden Autumn Shopping Help Poverty, Sichuan Poverty Alleviation Products" in Guangdong, and the "consumer poverty poverty poverty poverty" held in Sichuan Province were significant.

This year, I held the second "Sichuan Poverty Alleviation" public welfare brand new year new year collection exhibition, sales of poverty alleviation products. Sichuan focuses on the development of the characteristic industry, promotes "one village one product", expands the scale of seeds, improves product quality, and is a long industrial chain, and the development kinetic energy is growing. Now there is a modern agricultural park in each of the poverty-poverty Prefecture, each has a collective economy.

A total of more than 10 poverty alleviation projects in the agricultural industry have launched 149 high-quality agricultural products, 12 regional public brands, which strongly helps to accelerate development. In recent years, Sichuan seizes opportunities, and has gathered all parties to help the power, and fully promote the poverty alleviation action. In the past, the poor area of ??the past is achieved from the industrial lack to the transformation of the Baiye, "hematopoietic" function is significantly enhanced, providing an important support for the decentralized caps from all over the country, and laid the foundation for the continuous promotion of rural resolution.

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