“What is your situation you??Good end,How suddenly I left Yahoo.?”

“Don’t mention,Injury for half a year,What do you do?,I have to make my cooker without making a result.,I can’t stand it.,So just leave.。”Zhou Hongyi briefly explained。
Wang traffic is in the heart,Listen to this,Not a good end,But it has long been complained.,I finally broke out now.。
“What is going on??”
“What is going on?,Then start business。”
Zhou Hongyi looks to the king,road:“This is also the reason I come to find Wang.,I have already thought about my business direction.,There are two options at present,One is the old line I have been doing.,Search business。
The other is a point I recently noticed.,At present, all kinds of rogue plugins,Mandatory bundle without users,Users have a lot of complaints this,This is a pain point,If you can solve this,It should be able to harvest a lot of users。
So I want to be a rogue ring,Specialize for users to clean these rogue plugins。
Just, I am a little bit of people.,I want to be interested in,Two partners,How to do together?”
Rogue……that is360Does http://www.rengangkeji.cn the security guard??
At the moment, the online rogue plugin is really a lot.,If you can help users solve this pain point,The foreground is really good。
Can……Is the wind of rogue plugins not taking it??
I rely on this year.,I quickly made three seven seconds.,Then turn it back12Billion dollars sold to Yahoo,Successfully causing countless people to start with wind。
Now fell,you this“Rogue”,Actually turned, I wanted to pull the knife to my fascinating sister.?
This is my own training market.,Then come to harvest themselves??
Wang Flow looked at Zhou Hongyi,Slightly play:“Zhou will not forget,I am also searching.?You want to find me to search for you.,Is it a bit looking for a wrong person??”
Zhou Hongqi rushed:“This is, of course, I haven’t forgotten,Although I have to do search,But http://www.hongshengsuye.cn the portal searching with Wang、Separate search direction is different,What I want to do is a community search?,Business range is a community and forum and other places,There is no conflict with Tiande。”
Wang traffic nodded,This is also a direction:“How do you be more ready?,How to promote after doing?”
“I have already thought about this.,From 372,Yahoo,Search I have been doing,In this regard, many experiences have been accumulated.,Develop search development is not a problem。
After the development, the promotion can be started from two aspects.,The first is a plugin,Before 372,second……”
Zhou Hongyi looked at the king,road:“If Wang is willing to enter the share,Help from Tiansheng to lead the drainage,I believe that promotion can be easily、A lot of effective。”
This is also the main reason for him to find the http://www.huizhizhou.cn king.,Whether it is a community search,Still rogue,As long as he makes some achievements,Let Wang have seen the opportunity,Turned yourself and follow it.,Tiansheng’s volume,He is difficult to compete,Either it is either squeezed,Either half dead,Anyway, it is very difficult to。
Since this,That’s better to try it first.,Can you pull the king?,Come to the partnership with him。
Can you have a strong competitor,Can also give yourself a powerful,Two。
Wang Liu blinks,Looking at Zhou Hongyi,The expression is slightly quirky。
A plugin,Go to the three seven seconds……
Feelings, you just said that you have to do rogues.,Not only to help users solve this pain point,I also want to help myself to clear all competitors.?
First clean the messy plugins first,Then let you do your own plugin.?
The king is now a good guy.,Indeed“Teacher”,This is what it is to play.。
Wang traffic is awe,Positive color:“Listening is not bad,But you just left,Two products at the same time,Will not be a little bitter?”
“Will not,I am not a left.,In addition to old,I also pulled out a team from Yahoo.,A total of more than two hundred people,Human hand is very,Don’t say two,It’s no problem.。”Zhou Hongyi’s self-confidence。
Wang Liu is now a good guy.,More than two hundred people……
You are poor, you will dig it directly.。
Not endless,Hand is also black,Dig the so many people,What is the difference between Yahoo half??
Yahoo is not directly falling into,At least a person will be big shortage,Waiting for people to make up、Grind,It’s also a period of adaption.。

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