Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty Seven Unexpected attitude
The exterior of the small bungalow is dilapidated,But the interior is relatively tidy。Doctor Wang has temporarily cleaned up a simple rescue room,The operating table made up of two large gates is like that.,All kinds of first aid equipment、Two big bags of medicine,There is also a pocket-sized emergency refrigerator。Several people worked together to put Peng Weihua and Ahaoping on the stage, panting for exhaustion。
Leave Doctor Wang to work,Li Tianchou and the three retreated to the next door,Hum on a broken sofa that has no springs for a long time,Don’t bother to get up anymore。Zhu Lei took out a large plastic bag from the black leather bag of the small wooden chair next to it,It contains four boxes of lunch,Although it’s already gone,But they immediately pulled Li Tianchou out of the sofa nest successfully。
“Nothing keeps warm on the twelfth lunar month,Make do with a little bit。”Zhu Lei is very careful,Took out another thermos cup from the black leather bag,“I hope the soup here is still warm。”
Li Tianchou and Qi Baozhu just gorged themselves,Zhu Lei didn’t say much,I lit a cigarette and stayed silently。He knew http://www.wqserv.cn in his heart that this battle should be won,It’s just that the resort is not easy。Although he hasn’t met Ahao,But guess the strange wounded with blood on his face should be inseparable。
Very soon,Li Tianchou throws away the lunch box,Lit a cigarette,I feel my strength has recovered a lot,“How’s home?”
“everything is normal,Gang and Ryoko、Zhang Wen by phone。”
Li Tianchou nodded,“Is there any news from Broad Bean?”
“Nothing of value,He only called once。It is said that Xue Yikai suddenly seemed to have a big holiday,Doing nothing all day,Running around。Playing cards in the afternoon,Whoring at night,Fucking as we expected,Not much difference。But I worry about what will change over time。”Zhu Lei gave a wry smile。
“will not,We haven’t completely hooked yet,Wang Fan won’t lose patience so quickly。”Li Tianchou is very sure,“In addition,http://www.snshucai.cnWhat happened tonight will be on the road soon,Not only Wang Fan,Other people who are not friendly to us will also react。So the risk is shifting to the home,How about you and Master Qi go home first,I’m here waiting for Wu Fang。”
“Also good。”Zhu Lei stood up immediately to pack things,“This place is safe,No outsiders will come。The one that needs attention is that Ahao。”He pointed his finger next door。
“It doesn’t matter,Waiting for Wu Fang to come,I will get him away。correct,How do you go?”
“I rode your iron donkey over,It’s easy to use。”Zhu Lei smiled and pulled Qi Baozhu up from the sofa,Said a sentence,“be careful。”Left in a hurry。
Li Tianchou simply lay down in his clothes,Slept till early morning。The faint conversation outside the house made him startled,Listen carefully,But it’s Doctor Wang’s voice。Let’s see that the time is half past six,It’s almost time to come to Wufang,So I got up and stretched,Out of the room。
The sky is bright,Doctor Wang and his companions are smoking cigarettes under the wall,Seems to have been busy just now,I didn’t even have time to take off the blood-stained gloves。“Two fortunately。”Li Tianchou rubbed his eyes and squatted beside them。

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