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A concentrated study of the soul, a spiritual party history of a consecutive spirit, a piece of experience, a deep people’s livelihood, a one-to-study development answer … Since the study of party history, the city, county (District) Follow the effort, hard-stroke, see effectiveness, seek breakthroughs, focus on the masses, and solve the difficult things of the grassroots, the people ‘s troubles, and promote "I To the masses, practice activities, transform the intelligence and strength of the party’s glorious history into the pound of high quality development. In the party history of party history, Yinchuan City adheres to the principle of "cutting small, powerful, effective", and triggered the real thing for people’s livelihood, innovation and promoting peace, promoting three special actions of development and giving benefit.

The Yinchuan Municipal Party Committee organizes the establishment of a special fund for civil service and development, the "Village Party Organization +" cooperation model, etc. According to the difficulty degree, the Xingqing District establishes the "three-level shunt mechanism" and lights the "people’s wish". Yinchuan City also conducted the issue of on-site polishing politics in the near future of the road light support, urban and rural health remediation, prepaid and maintenance rights in the near future.

Shizuishan City identified 404 "Doctors" projects in the city level. It has solved more than 220 questions in the masses "urgent expensive".

Implement active employment policies, provide 10,000 jobs, and cultivate 715 entrepreneurstries. Remediation of the Political and Legal Team "Trual Disease", open to the public to commit 35 people, promote 7,781 "Wing Persons" security system, and the number of rural security cases has fallen sharply.

Implement 116 investment leaders, attract 438 talents. Infining the "None Different Window Acceptance" approval model, deepening the "cross-provincial Ten City" government services "cross-provincial unite" cooperation, establish a network office agent, new enterprise loan balance billion yuan, business environment continuously optimized. Wuzhong City established 891 realist list, launched the implementation of 79 old community renovation projects, benefiting more than 9,200 people.

Raise fund billions and solve the problem of the historical legacy of the land acquisition farmers’ endowment insurance.

Litong District repurchased the Kindergarten, 4 new kindergarten, improved the transfer of 24 villages (community) comprehensive cultural service centers, 6 books and branches, and supported the construction of a kilometer fitness trail. Newly built five in Hongsibao District, Hongde Hope Primary School, Liujing and other schools, effectively solve the problem of enrolling in urban school age.

Tongxin County explored the implementation of the "Courtyard Party Committee" in townships, and the party (Work) committee will open the village, community, enterprise, project construction site, and solve the problem of mass problems on the spot.

Guyuan Municipal Municipal level listing 12 categories of 37 items for the masses, and solve more than 10,000 people. In the Coordination Taxation Department, the Coordination of Taxation is centralized to the city’s return households, and the average monthly funds save 2000 yuan.

Xiji County 1559 6,910 margins from the county is easy to cause poor and 1777 households, 7,585 people are unrestrained and unstable, according to the principle of "what is missing, make up", and timely follow up industrial employment, medical assistance, social security Waiting for the support measures, blocking the rising risk vulnerability from the system. Pengyang County organized new village (community) party organization team members to run 245 "open the door" Realize 270 households 336 people "Zero Industry" home dynamic clear.

The masses have no small things, and the total level is testee. Zhongwei City has more than 896 people such as Hydropower Warm Supply and Property Services and other people, 420, starting 67 old community renovation projects, install more than 300 charge piles, and more than 8,500 charge ports. The Shapou District continues to deepen the "window acceptance, integrated service" reform, grassroots integrated approval service law enforcement power reform, government service matters "one window acceptance" rate reach 84%, decentralized personnel to prepare 98, law enforcement privileges, Cast "The last km" for the people. Zhongning County Pingding Immigration Area is 8800 mu, adding cultivated land acres, 3 new drainage ditch, newly repairing sand gravel room road kilometers, focusing on improving the production and living conditions of immigrants.

(Editor: 梦 婕, Jia Ru).

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