China’s "Jin", see changes, celebrate harvest, feel the national conditions

  When I came out of the East Village, the original country tiger couldn’t help but won the tears.

He is the first secretary of Dongli Village, Anze County, Linyi City, Shanxi Province. This identity has been accompanied by him for 6 years.

Today, the three sessions are full, he is going to go. "No matter where you come, you will always be a shackle!" The villagers can’t bear this name, it looks a little tiger, and has done a "tiger". The original national tiger is also reluctant, and the people who are reluctant to be willing to have this six years: the per capita income of the village has increased from 5,000 yuan in 2015 to around 9,000 yuan, and the rural revitalization has industrial support such as pig breeding and miscellaneous grain.

  He wrote the most beautiful poem with a 6-year struggle. (Xinhua News Agency, Wang Feifei, Wang Jinyu) As of now, the article spreads 52 in the Internet.

On September 15th is the peak period of spread, a total of 41 articles. In the case of information release of all source sources, news information is the largest, followed by app and WeChat, accounting for%,%,%, respectively. (Data Source: Xinhua Ruixing Data Cloud Figure Analysis Platform) Communication Trend Communication Source Distribution Poundation Recommendation.

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