Isn’t it just learning!!Labor and management!!

So Tang Ze is also in the incentive to reduce the reward,Determined to study hard。
Not only because the reward was cut this time, he saw his shortcomings,Also because he knew,The two I have mocked“Diao Min”,I’ll definitely try to get him off the horse。
So I can’t relax the slightest!
of course,Another point is that he does not want to encounter such a weak situation in the future,After all, you can’t always rely on props,And there are still times to consume。
From【Lie】In terms of its powerful functionality,It’s really a huge reward to be able to use it three times。
If it’s not obtained in a case like Moon Shadow Island,【Lie】,I’m afraid it’s a one-off normally。
After all, this item is too functional。
And now there are two spares,Before he grew up,Or again【Lie】Before getting supplemented,These only two opportunities,He needs to be cautious。
of course,This time the props are good products, right。
As introduced,Can be used as a hidden weapon,Ruggedness is its only advantage。
But it can’t be recycled after use…Let Tang Ze think that this card will definitely break in the future“Lack of weight”of…
After all, how can you guarantee that you can get your cards back every time?…
Of course,Although this gain is not particularly good compared to the previous one,But fortunately, there is another windfall that makes up for this.。
That is Shimabukuro Junhui。
Yes,It’s Junhui Shimabukuro himself。

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