Seeing Hanjiang’s look,The star is more anxious.,I also forgot to continue the number,Holding hands on Hanjiang’s body。
The faint fragrance drifted into the nose of Hanjiang.,The girl’s little face is full of worry。
At this time, Han Jiang suddenly blinked.,Laugh:“Ha ha,Be cheated.。”
“you……”Sight star threw the feathers on the face of Hanjiang,The mouth is a drumway。
Hanjiang patted the soish ash slowly stood up slowly,Founcing:“The world said that the Temple of the Temple is unparalleled.,I have seen it.,I will be a little bit of the sea.,Let the star in the drum,ridiculous,ridiculous。”
The starry queue has a http://www.shhongxiang.cn sudden and ruined a sentence.。
It is the fun of Hanjiang to make two people wasted a morning.,It is used for many times to smash the little girl.。
Finally, because of the star hungry,Two people are talented,Simple eating something,Into Ziyuan Town。
On the afternoon,The two arrived in Ziyuan Town。
“I have ate two days of weeds.,Today, I can finally eat some things like it.。”Han Jiang looked up at the sign of the door of the town。
Sight star is full of expectations,The days she left the palace can be more than Hanjiang.,Lowering。
Enter the small town,Found the most lively street,In the inn, it is still a good pub。
At this time, it is afternoon.,There are still a lot of people.,Bustling in the lobby,very bustling。
“Hey,Hey,I will tell you something.,Can you say that you can say it??”
A table, diners next to Hanjiang, don’t know what is talking about,The mouth said that I can’t tell the secret.,The voice of that person is not low。
The friend’s friend immediately gave a glass of wine.,Plight:“Bother,You are a way to find a rich.?This can have a few listening to the brother.!”
The person who talks is to spend four,Turn the head slightly,The sound is low:“That is to discover when I go to the Moon City in the first two days.。”
“what,what?”Others followed by。
Moon City is a country capital,There is a little bit of little things there.,In this township town, it is a big event.。
The most talking, the big and hanging mouth,Say:“This thing can’t be chaotic,I tell you that it is trust everyone.,do you know?”
“Say it,Say it,Don’t learn the cultural people sell Guan Chi,I don’t want to say that I just don’t say it.。”
Dafan said with an eye:“What is eager?,I am a sensation of the country.。”
“Because I heard……The Emperor Taishun slipped out of the palace.,Have a quick look……”
The common friends of the two loudly cough,Take a lower table。
“The royal thing dares to discuss,Be careful……”The man whispered,At the same time, I wiped it with her hand on my neck.。
“Yeah,drink wine,drink wine,We don’t know anything.,drink wine。”
After the dislike,Several people don’t know that I really http://www.amyusb.cn have forgotten the things just now.,Or forget it,Drinking is very happy to drink。
Two people sitting not far away,It is to listen to the words of several people.。
Han Jiang picked his eyebrows against the star,Small channel:“Heard no,The news that slipped from the home passed here.。”
Sight star calm sway fan,The firefighter in the inn is too big.,Especially for diners come and go,Make people feel bare。
It is not as good as the palace。
“This Ziyuan Town is the only turnover in the Moon City to the Western Region.,It has long been a place in a long time.。”
“The news I left is here to be here.,Be unable to。”
Han Jiang is very recognized,Ancient ancient times,Traffic main roads are often the most comprehensive and fastest place for intelligence.。
“What I want to say is not this?,But the news you http://www.shexiangge.cn slipped out is that it was passed out.。”
Han Jiang repeated a word without any meaning,I heard some people talking next to some people.,That is definitely being passed.。

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