Xi’an put into the first batch of "sponge parking space"

Original title: Xi’an put into the first batch of "sponge parking space" this newspaper (Reporter Li Ni) Recently, Xi’an Traffic Police Yanta Brigade is a community that has a large contradiction between parking spaces, and the pilot has been investing in the first batch of 300 "sponge parking spaces. ", Is praised by community residents.

In order to alleviate the problem of "parking difficult", after consultation with traffic police, urban management, street, community, and industry committees, Changan West Road, 300 temporary parking spaces on both sides of the slow lane, daytime (7: 00-21: 00) ) When the traffic is large, the parking is prohibited along Changan West Road. The night (21: 00- 7:00) The traffic flow is small, allowing the vehicle to standardize the park, forming the effect of "daytime release vehicle, night absorption vehicle", similar Sponge characteristics, named "sponge parking space". At the same time, all parties make specific conventions on parking, strictly prohibit double rows, oblique parking, strictly prohibit the emergency rescue channel, etc., and effectively standardize the parking order. Xi’an Traffic Police Yanta Brigade, the deputy team of the deputy team, said that the "sponge parking space" in Chang’an West Road has been used to meet the parking demand for 2,500 times.

With the increase in governance, most owners can park in accordance with the agreement, and achieve good treatment.

"’Sponge parking", there is no need to worry about being covered, there is a parking place, and everyone will comply with parking conventions, and more order is a good thing.

"Mr. Wanyi, Huacheng International Community Residents.

Li Lin, deputy captain of Xi’an Traffic Police Yanta Brigade, said: "In order to standardize the use of ‘sponge parking position’, the brigade prints some tips, guide residents to park.

Next, we will continue to survey, based on the current situation of the old community parking space in the jurisdiction, add more ‘sponge parking in the conditional road.

(Editor: Zuo Rui, Deng Nan).

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