Zhongqing Net Review: Deliberately fight the "hard bones"

  July 6th to 7th, Li Keqiang Prime Minister Tongren and Guiyang in Guizhou.

During the examination, Li Keqiang talked with the villagers to talk about poverty alleviation.

He said that in recent years, he has made significant progress in all aspects of hard work. Although this year is affected by the epidemic and flood disasters, it is necessary to smash the "hard bones" of the poverty, and resolutely prevent the cause of the cause of poverty from the incidence, realize the current standards, and win the poverty battle. In 2020, the year of building a well-off social goal is achieved, and it is a comprehensive winning year to win the universal warfare.

It’s harder to get rid of poverty.

At the beginning of this year, we encountered the influence of the epidemic. The current southern flood disasters, the mission of poverty alleviation work is more demanding, and the difficulty is more difficult. Due to the land of the southwest plateau mountain, Guizhou Shudota is less, the mountain high road is difficult, since ancient times, there are many national-level poor counties. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the province of Guizhou has decreased from 9.23 million to the end of 2019. The incidence of poverty is reduced by%, an average annual reduction of more than 1.27 million.

One of the provinces that are difficult to get in Guizhou, why can I achieve good results under a difficult condition? One of the most important reasons is that in the process of poverty, they are pondering "things".

This will have a lot of tricks, and there is a lot of virtual strength. If you are too much difficult, you can’t stop the people who don’t live up. Why can Guizhou? Can be in amazing perseverance. Zunyi Grassba Village Old Book Huang Dafa, with the tenacity of Yugong Yishan, spent 36 years, chiseling "Tianqu" in the cliff, let the folks drink clean water, eat white rice. Why can Guizhou? Can have selfless dedication.

Liuyi Shuiyan Bo Village female support Shuffen, led the country to develop a variety of industrial operations, let everyone come up with a good day … "Deep the poverty is the first major event and the first people’s livelihood project", it is no longer a slogan in Guizhou, and It is a real consensus and action. The remaining "hard bones" is the hardest "hard bones", but the hard bones are also afraid of "iron tooth copper teeth", they will see how long this "iron tooth". For example, there is a special planting industry, and Yunnan Zhaotong offensive has a "golden key"; Ningxia implements the full chain transformation from the water to the faucet, explores the new model of "Internet + people drink" management, so that "smart water" becomes a poverty attack "Power Source"; Gansu Wuwei Shangzhuang Village, the messy villages are now the "Happy Academy" of the peasants … hard work, hard work, the poor area has turned into the earth.

Tinted the root of the foundation, play the advantages of local native resources, develop rural leisure tourism, folk tourism, folk traditional art, etc., these can build a road to poverty. At the moment, the first thing is to do a good job in flood control and disaster relief work in poor areas, and cannot let the poor people "wind meals", soon, the homes of the flood are destroyed. Realize the destination target task as scheduled, there is no retreat and flexibility. Deversion of the poverty-stricken battle has now entered the full sprint stage, it is necessary to increase their efforts to eliminate poverty, and must do everything possible to prevent incremental poverty. If the target does not shake, the standard does not change, focused on stable income; in the remaining poor The elderly, the special group such as disabled people, continuously strengthen the comprehensive social security, the pocket, the guarantee guarantee, not leaking one household, no one person; consolidate the poverty reduction, ensure high quality delivery , Let the governing result can be inspected. Decisive Battle off the poverty, the mission is on the shoulder. We will be able to win the poverty battle in high quality.

(Li Qun).

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