In the torrential rain,I see a dark shadow hurriedly running in the woods,He kept dodge,Looks very vigorous,Actually as flexible as Monkey King!

Chapter One Hundred and Forty Two Stand prohibition
The leak in the house meets the night rain,Su Mei and Lu Xiong run away,Now there are mysterious stalkers,I’m unlucky enough。
We are about to be separated from the stalker20Dormi,Because of vegetation and shrubs,This makes it difficult for us to catch him,And that guy moves very fast,We can’t keep up with his rhythm,Just when we are apart,Suddenly a familiar voice came from the forest:”stop!I will shoot if I don’t stand still!“
It’s Lu Xiong’s voice!I rub!So he didn’t leave!
There was a gunshot,Bullets travel through the forest,I saw the dark shadow sway,Then quickly turn,Running towards the other side of the forest!Lu Xiong wearing a mask appeared!He held up. Machine gun keeps firing,We also fired here,The huge gunfire resounded through the woods,Intertwined with the sound of rain。
We hurried to meet Lu Xiong,That guy has run away without a trace,A little blood on the grass,But the blood was quickly diluted by rain,Quickly gathered into the stream and disappeared without a trace,We hurried to follow the blood,But the bad thing is that the blood can’t survive the rain。
Lu Xiong is frustrated and honest:”I thought I could make him an ambush,I didn’t expect to let him slip!“
Ouyang laughed:”So you didn’t leave!Did you act with us just now??“
Lu Xiong nodded:”Since we left the abandoned area,I always feel someone is following us,But that guy is very alert,As soon as I found out that I was looking for him,He disappeared immediately,I’m afraid I will scare him by telling you,So never said,When I talked to you about Su Mei just now,I found that guy was spying on us again,So just show him the scene,I wanted to grab him while he wasn’t paying attention,I didn’t expect to be stunned by the Xiaolong brothers,Let him run!“
Turned out to be like this!No wonder Lu Xiong is very abnormal along the way,Turns out he has been observing the stalker!
I’m a little ashamed to hear this,I didn’t expect that after spending so long on the island, I couldn’t match Lu Xiong,Although the stalker ran away,But i’m still happy,At least Lu Xiong did not leave the team,This proves that I did not see the wrong person。

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