to be exact,It is the light of the soul that is constantly changing and fusing its own genes,Superficially sleeping,In fact, the genetic level is constantly moving towards infinite9On derivative。

“Already very close,There are also many geniuses from the mainland in my record of the Six Sacred Peaks,But even those peerless geniuses are not so close to 100,000 times on the genetic level。”
“Just don’t know,This 100,000-fold genetic level is an achievable divine body level,After all, it’s a beautiful girl。”
Li Ming has no such doubts,He knows that Luo Feng has reached this level in the original book。Since he can reach,I will be able to step in。
He doesn’t think,Will and Gene Fusion,Will be a dead end。
In fact,In a sense, the path that Li Ming took,Even more potential than Luo Feng’s。
Luo Feng breaks through one hundred thousand times the genetic level,Although breakthrough,But he himself can’t understand the changes。
Li Ming,It’s accumulated bit by bit,Genetic changes are all in the heart。
Unexpected,The old murloc seemed to see something shocking,Stood up suddenly。
“this is!this is!”Unbelievable expressions emerge。
Li Ming’s body surface,A little golden light emerged,Almost synchronous,Li Ming’s body exudes countless golden rays。
That’s an incomparably pure,Vast light。
The murloc old man was refined,A puppet life with the strength of Chaos Domination Level Threshold。

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