When returning to Hokkaido,Actually the season change has already begun,Otherwise, it is impossible for Tangze to bring Hokkaido crabs as a specialty。

After all, the well-known summer is the fishing holiday,Waiting for the late autumn female crabs to start plump,In winter, the male crabs are full and delicious after storing fat for the winter.。
finish breakfast,Holding a cup of hot coffee,Tang Ze started working。
But it’s work,In fact, when there is no case,Just deal with the accumulated affairs on hand。
For example, help Takagi sort out yesterday’s case data and close it,And submit it to the prosecutor’s office。
Such as various overtime pay、Meals during the stay, etc.,These have to be reimbursed by an accountant
These chores are not obvious,But in fact, when there is no criminal case,Mostly deal with these matters,And even piled up a lot。
Because criminals are mainly cases,So when the case happened,All the chores at hand are thrown away。
In many cases, it takes many days to investigate a case,During this period, new expenses will be consumed,Don’t you want to take it yourself,Then you have to find time to apply for reimbursement。
Especially this world of Ke Xue,High frequency of incidents,Criminals are always dealing with dolls,Just got the old one done,The new has become the old。
So during leisure,Everyone is done with chores,Is truly free。
If one of them still wants to be promoted,Also take time to study to deal with the exam。
I also said before,Although the world can be promoted based on merits such as solving crimes,But it is destined to only have a particularly large impact,And you can only be promoted by making great contributions。
Although this is a road,But it’s a bit difficult,At most, it only guarantees that exceptionally talented people will not be buried,For many people, it’s more like luck。
Under normal circumstances,People in the quasi-professional and non-professional groups want to be promoted,In addition to reaching the age limit, you must pass the exam.。
And the exam needs to be studied,Many people know how painful it is to take an exam after work,So many old criminals gave up promotion。
One of the busy cases is also a very important factor,There is no time to study every day。

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