I broke all the crabs,Then scoop all the crab roe into the vinegar dish。

”Wow,It’s so cool to eat like this!“ I like crabs,Later crabs were simply too expensive!Not willing to eat,I got rich later,Dare not eat more,Body can’t stand!Diarrhea!”
“You girl,ate too much,Be careful of diarrhea!“
“Ha ha ha,Just enjoy it!“ I ate several horses in one breath,Had a big bowl of rice。
“I’m stuffed!“
“This girl, your dad hasn’t come back yet!“
“Ha ha,Am i hungry!I’m going to see if my software is downloaded!“
I go back to the room,turn on computer,Downloaded software,Open install,CADPacked inDplate,3DMAXand alsoVRCan only installCplate,It’s not that you can’t installDplate,Just some things in the current version,Still a bit flawed,Packed inDMany things can’t be opened。
I see it’s early,Just openCAD,Set it up,Start stakeout,The floor plan,Draw it in the drawing!
“Whoops,This thing is amazing,What are these words??“
“mom?You are going to scare people to death!“
“Nonsense,What you said is the design drawing!“
“Ok,Is a floor plan。“

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