What is?”

“do not know。”
The http://www.youzhihuagui.cn answer is Li La.,He shook his head,“There is also a rumor,It is said that there is no real death.,He has been hanging in this mysterious thing.,Last rumor……”Merely,The father of the old man reveals a wipe,“Rumorful grave,Connecting long giving doors。”
What!!Summer shocked。
How to involve the Changsheng Gate。
“What is the existence of Changsheng Gate?。”
He can’t help but ask。
Queen Taoist and Li Laozi were silent again.。
For a long time,Queen Talent sighs,“Some things can’t be said,Not,Not can’t be said,But not clear,Still,someone said,Changsheng Gate is the last defense line of my Chinese ancient martial arts,Some people say,Changsheng Gate Wight,The ancient martial arts is like an ants in their eyes.。”
Welcome the skeptical attention of the summer,Merrother Li,“Don’t you know the little girl named Shanyin?,If you have the opportunity to see her,You can ask for a question。”
He put his hand,“Universal,What is there in the tomb of the ghost valley?,Can’t let the shake,Why do you know why you want to find a long life??”
Wait for summer answering,He is straightforward,“If you let the waves go to Changsheng,He will break the balance there,Ambush,If he is controlled by him,That is the real world chaotic。”
NS2644chapter Mysterious Changsheng Gate
The more you know,The less you know。
The more you know,Will bring more doubts。
The more you know,Will be more and more awesome in this world。
Summer is also the case。
He is a person rather than God,Do not do extraordinary。
He can notice,Whether it is the priest or a father,Many critical information should be concealed。
Many places are similar to those,Make people can’t touch the mind。
Maybe it is also a scruple,Don’t want to let summer know。
However, in summer, some things can still be speculated http://www.ycsykyw.cn from it.。
He asked,“Since the long life is the last line of defense,It is very powerful to indicate people inside.,So in fact,Significant sound is even more than me.,At least in the seventh order of the seventh order。”
Toned,He put forward contradictory,“The inside of the Changsheng Gate should be a master like a cloud.,Even if they go in,Is it still afraid that he is not?”
“Not as simple as you think。”
Compared to Li La,Enlighten people obviously understand more。
He said,“First,Changshengmen have a rule,That is to avoid the world,It can even be said that it is separated from the world.,Only two cases,Changshengmen’s talent will go out,The first is to deliver fresh blood to the door.,Will send people to find young girls with martial arts;Second,It is a person who is looking for the command of the door.。”
http://www.jinmawl.cn Summer,Frown,“The first rule is still the same,What is the second?,Gate,Can’t you choose to be directly disciples??”
“This is not known。”
Venus shook his head,“Return back to the light,Every door owner,At least to the cave,But according to rumors,More than 30 years ago,After the last elderly door door,So far, there is no door to the door.,This is one of the reasons why it is rushing to enter the Great Great Hall.。”
Toned,He is some hesitation,瞟 瞟 眼 老 爷。
Mr. Li bites a bitter,“You should hear a master of good sound,Her master is ancient sea,Over the eight years ago, the mountain and the waves,Although it won a trick,But it is also seriously injured.,It is said to go back to Changshengmen,Life is three years。”
Summer is thoughtful。
He naturally heard of this rumor。

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