At the critical time, the typical case of the insurance industry property insurance is released

On March 11, the Shanxi Provincial Insurance Industry Association released a typical case of multiple property insurance claims.

In recent years, the insurance industry in Shanxi has given full play to the development of insurance to help the real economy development, continuously promoting the guarantee role of rural revitalization, and designing many insured products with distinctive features and comprehensive functions. Many of them are public welfare insurance with strong protection and low cost. The typical cases of property insurance claims released this time are all examples of maximizing risk aversion through reasonable use of new insurance products through reasonable use of new insurance products. Taking the "motor vehicle comprehensive insurance" as an example, at about 9:37 pm on September 28, 2021, when Wang’s van was equipped with 6 passengers to change the lane at the highway at Taiyuan, the vehicle collided The vehicle turned to the side of the road, and 4 passengers died on the spot and two passengers were injured. After receiving the report, the Taiping Property & Casualty Shanxi Branch rushed to the traffic police team, parking lot, hospital and other places to verify the accidents and personnel casualties, and took the initiative Yuan, then quickly completed the loss of all personnel, with a compensation amount of more than 1.28 million yuan. The "insurance+futures" model launched in the field of "agriculture and rural areas" also warmed the hearts of many farmers. On January 8, 2021, Hog Futures was officially listed on the Dalian Commodity Exchange. The National Life Property & Casualty Shanxi Branch cooperated with Shen Wanhongyuan Futures Company to issue the first moninity price insurance in our province. On February 9, 2021, the pig futures price insurance expired normally. Based on the futures market price, the National Life Property & Casualty Insurance Datong City Center Branch paid the insurance farmers for 10,000 yuan as soon as possible. +Futures "to ensure the production of farmers’ production.

In addition, the Provincial Insurance Industry Association also announced that the Shanxi Branch of PICC and Insurance Shanxi Province helped pay about 230,000 yuan of compensation cases, and Ping An Property Insurance Shanxi Branch quickly paid 2 traditions of 1 million yuan in compensation for death compensation. , Guoshou Property & Casualty Shanxi Provincial Branch’s 24 -hour claims for migrant workers’ salary of 1.27 million yuan.

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